PACS or Picture Archiving and Communication System

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems, or PACS, is an area generating a great deal of interest in the world of medical healthcare, and for good reason.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and the implementation within the field, this medium is becoming more technologically advanced by the day. It’s an area of constant improvement when it comes to technology and machinery, and the introduction and implementation of artificially intelligent elements opens up a world of possibilities for the application of new and exciting features.


What is a PACS?

A Picture Archiving and Communication System is a popular form of medical imaging technology that provides an array of benefits for healthcare professionals.

It’s common practice across the United States and indeed the world, and provides intelligent, efficient storage and simple access to images from various modalities. A PACS system has many advantages as a system and replaced the outdated hard-copy based method of previously storing and managing medical images.

Not only does it make complex imagery of different kinds efficient and easier to access, PACS also decreases costs due to the digital nature of the files stored. Images are transferred digitally and presented using PACS, too, making it versatile and much-welcomed technology for any medical establishment.

Trusted PACS System Vendors

Ultimate Medical Services are trusted PACS System Vendors and have been for many years.

Our team are vastly experienced when it comes to all things PACS system-related and are able to use our incredible levels of knowledge and expertise to provide bespoke solutions to our customers.

Getting the right PACS system depends on a number of key variations, from the size of the practice to the number of staff, and the number of patients coming through the doors. No matter the size of your premises however, a PACS system is vital in today’s modern world of medical healthcare. It’s for this reason that you need to ensure you not only use a trusted and reputable PACS vendor, but that you get the right product for your individual circumstances. This is the case for any and all medical providers, whether it’s a one doctor office or large hospital with a mixture of imagery data to transfer and manage.

No two medical establishments are the same, so it’s vital you speak to an expert like Ultimate about your PACS system, and make sure that your needs are met in every way possible. Only then will your operation thrive and become more streamlined, not to mention increase revenue and patient throughput.

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With our many years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the industry, we’re confident we can find something to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

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