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Here at Ultimate, we have over 150 years of combined medical imaging experience providing the best of the best when it comes to high quality medical imaging equipment and accessories. Take a look at some of the equipment we provide to facilities of all sizes below.

UMG/DEL Medical imaging equipment suppliers

UMG/DEL Medical

UMG/Del provide X ray equipment that is predominantly built in the USA. They cover radiography, portables, surgical C-arms, R/F suites, Chiropractic systems, Veterinarian Systems, and DR system combinations to add to and enhance your existing X-ray equipment.

From the Apollo DRF to the OTC18M, FMT_RT100, and many more, we are confident we have something to suit your needs with our vast array of UMG/DEL X ray equipment.

Take a look to find out more.

Visaris X ray


Visaris are leaders in the industry and develop highly technological, advanced robotic X-ray systems for customers of all types. With a full line of x-ray systems, Visaris are true leaders in medical imaging advancements, whether it is the upcoming Vision AIR, which features full motion and dynamic DR panel to allow fluoroscopic images as well as 3D visualization, or the Vision C, Vision V, and more.

All in all, they are experts in the field and are among the best there is when it comes to robotic X-ray systems and conventional motion systems. With plenty currently available and more to come, take a look at our Visaris product range to find something that suits your facility today.

CT scan


Here at Ultimate Medical Services, we are proud providers of multiple CTs from various manufacturers. Selling both used and remanufactured CTs, each and every CT product comes with a warranty to give you that extra peace of mind. This is because we firmly believe that if we cannot warranty it, then we should not sell it.

Your piece of CT machinery can also be pre-loaded with any and all available software you require, adding a level of versatility and a sturdy approach when it comes to purchasing equipment for your facility.

For more information on the CT systems we provide, including servicing, take a look at our CT page here.

CBCT - Medical equipment consulting


An extremely exciting piece of technology, the CBCT, which stands for Cone Beam CT, are self-contained and you can purchase cranial specific or orthopedic extremity units from UMS.

With the ability to quickly generate patient imaging, with a much lower dose output than standard CT units, you can achieve a fast and smooth process with fantastic image quality, too.

A fascinating piece of technology, our CBCT units require little maintenance, have minimal requirements, and take up a smaller amount of room thanks to being self-contained.

Take a look at our CBCT units here for more information and get in touch to find out more about sales and servicing.

PACS system


PACS, or Picture Archiving and Communication System, are becoming more and more exciting with the introduction of AI technologies. The capabilities are increasing as the technology improves, and all PACS products and equipment we provide are technologically advanced and packed with amazing features.

This area is gaining massive interest in recent times as a result of this, and we have units suitable for the largest facilities to the smallest, with finance plans to suit your requirements and budget.

Take a look at our PACS equipment here to find out more.



PaxeraHealth is a leader in the PACS game and provides integrated medical imaging viewing software to overcome the most complex challenges to doctors and patients.

Artificial intelligence is growing, and so with it are PaxeraHealth PACS such as the Ultima360 and PaxeraChiro, which are both web based PACS solutions with vast tools and features for doctors and health professionals.

PaxeraHealth also provide Radiology Information System or RIS, with intuitive workflow management platform and PaxeraOrtho for orthopedic requirements including advanced visualization, with incredible accuracy.

And that is just to name a few. Check out our dedicated PaxeraHealth page to find out more information and contact our team for all sales and servicing enquiries.

X-ray Supplies


X-Ray is vital in any hospital or healthcare environment, no matter the size of the premises or volume of patients you get through the doors.

From single doctor offices to enormous hospitals with hundreds of staff members, X-Rays are vital to the success of any healthcare organization. This means you can’t compromise on the quality of machine or items like aprons and other ancillary supplies you use within your operations.

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