UMG/DEL X Ray Equipment

Ultimate Medical Services, a renowned provider of a full line of medical equipment for any and all requirements, most of which is built in the USA. We have years of experience and are proud to provide the best of the best when it comes to medical technology, with everything including UMG/DEL X ray equipment.

The sections we focus on when it comes to UMG/DEL X ray equipment include the following: Radiographic, portables, surgical C-arm, R/F suites, Chiropractic systems, Veterinarian Systems, and DR retrofit systems. All of these are ready and waiting to be added to your existing X-ray equipment, improving, and building on what is already in place for a maximised efficiency and effectiveness on your operations.

Let’s take a more detailed look at each of these sections.

Apollo DRF

Apollo DRF

The Apollo DRF is a fantastic addition to any healthcare environment in need of a multiple examination piece of equipment. This applies to solo doctors’ practices and the largest institutions, due to the range of benefits this piece of equipment has to offer.

The Apollo DRF allows you the ability to do all studies in one room, which in turn maximizes the cost of the equipment and the room itself. Not only this, but you can carry out all exams on the Apollo DRF, from Chest X-rays to Barium studies, as well as ERCP’s and venous studies.

Think of this as the Swiss Army Knife of R/F machines, and one of the best in the business.

OTC18M - Medical equipment


The OTC18M is a brilliant overhead radiographic piece of technology used for Radiographic work but at an affordable price.

It allows a radiographic room with flexibility to retrieve views that are not so easy to achieve, and also features an elevator table to allow patient egress/regress with minimal discomfort to the user, which is particularly helpful for geriatric patients.



The FMT_RT100 is floor-mounted tube-stand that acts as a powerful clinical workhorse, allowing clinical imaging at an affordable cost for our customers.

This is a great piece of machinery for all levels and sizes of practice, as it is designed for those who need a simple, easy to operate system for everyday general radiographic imaging.

Vision R

Vision R

The Vision R is a cost-effective, Surgical C-arm that works best in the pain management arena.

It is easy usage and simple operation make this a great choice for low volume Surgical Centers, as well as Pain Management Centers across the USA.



The MDR18 is fantastic for many reasons, primarily because it is digital portable.

This versatile, competitively priced piece of technology not only boasts a small footprint, simple responsive controls, and a DR plate, but also features a built in Acquire computer that makes this a go anywhere, multi-purpose portable.

Veterinary UX - Medical equipment

Veterinary UX

But it’s not just healthcare systems for humans we provide for. The Veterinary UX is here to make the imaging of small animals simple and quick to carry out for veterinary professionals.

It allows for all the controls at the table in front of you, meaning you can take care of your patient and image at the same time.

Throw in the fact that the UX is an extremely quick imaging system that has superior image quality, and you have a fantastic piece of machinery for any requirements you might need it for.

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