UMG/DEL Medical

A provider of a full line of medical equipment most of which is built in the USA. The sections are Radiographic, portables, surgical C-arm, R/F suites, Chiropractiesystems, Veterinarian Systems and DR systems to add to your existing x-ray equipment.

Apollo DRF

It is a great addition to any environment needing a multiple examination piece of equipment. This machine allows you the ability to do all studies in one room maximizing the cost of the equipment and room. Do all exams from Chest x-rays to Barium studies to ERCP’s and venous studies. This is the Swiss Army Knife of R/F machines.


It is a very good overhead radiographic solution for Radiographic work at an affordable price. Allows a Radiographic room with flexibility to get the views that are not easy. Has an Elevator table to allow patient egress/regress with the least amount of discomfort.


It is Floor Mounted Tube-stand is a great clinical workhorse to allow clinical imaging at an affordable price. This is a great solution for those that want a simple easy to use system for everyday general radiographic imaging.

Vision R

It is a Cost effective Surgical C-arm that works well in the pain management arena. Easy usage and simple operation make this a great choice for low volume surgical centers or Pain Management Centers.


It is Digital Portable. This is a great solution at a very good price for a Digital Portable that allows the best of all worlds. Small footprint, simple responsive controls with a DR plate and built in Acquire computer that makes this a go anywhere portable.

Veterinary UX

It is to make the imaging of small animals easy and fast. Allows for all the controls at the table and in front of you. Allows you to take care of your patient and image all at one time. An extremely quick imaging system that has superior image quality.