Is a developer of robotic x-ray systems. They have a full line of systems including the development and soon to be released Vision AIR. This system will be the ultimate in trauma imaging as it will only have full motion but also a dynamic DR panel to allow fluoroscopic images and 3D visualization. Truly leading the medical imaging advance.

Vision AIR - visaris-x-ray

Vision AIR

It is soon to be released. The king of the hill for robotic systems. Has the ability of using a dynamic panel to allow for fluoroscopic capture table side. Full room utilization using a pedestal table and image receptor that has the ability to move to any position in the room. This will be the ultimate in trauma rooms and can be used for standard exams when not used as a trauma room. Make this room your primary room.

Vision C - visaris-x-ray

Vision C

Overhead tube suite with the ability to be robotic. These room is a work horse for your department. Robotic movements controlled through modality work list. This allows the technologist to focus on patient care rather than having to position the equipment. The surprising thing is this room configured with everything including automatic stitching and two DR panels is priced less than many similar units that are manual positioning and one panel. One panel would be wireless, and the second panel is mounted in the Chest stand to provide maximum throughput and flexibility.

Vision V - visaris-x-ray

Vision V

It is for rooms that do not have or need an Overhead system. This room allows maximum utilization and comes in a robotic configuration. Allows for Chest stand movement and the tube tracks with it. Also allows for automated stitching.

Vision U - visaris-x-ray

Vision U

It is solution for an all-in-one need. The Vision U allows for all the normal positioning with limited amount of floor space. This unit can also be purchased in a robotic configuration and has the ability to do stitching.