Visaris is world-renown in the medical industry for their software and hardware and has a strong reputation as a developer of cutting-edge robotic X-ray systems.

They truly are experts in the field and have a full line of systems which lead the way, including the development and soon to be released Vision AIR.

This system will be the absolute ultimate in trauma imaging as it will not only have full motion but also a dynamic DR (digital radiography) panel to allow fluoroscopic images and 3D visualization.

Setting the standards around the United States and indeed the world, Visaris is at the top of the industry, and it’s why we provide their amazing Visaris X ray equipment here at Ultimate Medical Services.

Vision AIR - visaris-x-ray

Vision AIR

The Vision Air is soon to be released in the USA and is set to be the king of the hill when it comes to robotic systems. It is absolutely state-of-the-art and is capable of pretty much every form of flat panel radiography examination, providing high quality, reliable results.

It not only boasts the ability of a dynamic panel which allows for fluoroscopic capture table side, but it also features room utilization using a pedestal table and image receptor. It has a dedicated positioning user interface on the tube, with a fixed, single suspension, elevating patient table complete with a carbon fibre tabletop. It can also move to any position in the room, meaning excellent versatility and ease of use for the medical professional at the helm.

The Vision AIR will be the ultimate in trauma rooms and can even be used for standard exams when not used within a trauma room. It is designed for total flexibility in the flat panel x-ray world.

Vision C - visaris-x-ray

Vision C

Overhead tube suite with the ability to be robotic. These room is a work horse for your department. Robotic movements controlled through modality work list. This allows the technologist to focus on patient care rather than having to position the equipment.

The surprising thing is this room configured with everything including automatic stitching and two DR panels is priced less than many similar units that are manual positioning and one panel. One panel would be wireless, and the second panel is mounted in the Chest stand to provide maximum throughput and flexibility.

Vision V - visaris-x-ray

Vision V

The Vision V is a modular Visaris X ray system with a standard configuration of floor mounted tube stand, vertical bucky stand and bucky table. It offers a high performing DR system and an unmatched price-performance ratio and is ideal for rooms that do not have or need an overhead system.

This particular piece of equipment allows maximum utilization for medical professionals, and comes in a traditional x-ray or robotic configuration for increased price point achievement. This, alongside the portable, wireless system console allows remote setting of the generator, meaning an efficient workflow and patient throughput for you.

The Vision V allows for simple chest stand movement and the tube tracks with it, which also allows for automated stitching. All in all, the Vision V is a versatile, incredibly helpful piece of technology and can be used across a multitude of different types of facility.

Vision U - visaris-x-ray

Vision U

The Vision U is the latest generation, universal DR system which can be used for a massive array of general and specialist imaging applications.

It’s an all-in-one piece of machinery and technology that is unique to Visaris because of its added features, programmable auto-positioning of the tube, and a large digital flat panel detector. This enables efficient yet flexible imaging of walking and immobile patients.

It allows for all the normal positioning you would expect, but with limited amounts of floor space required in comparison to models from other manufacturers. The single system console controls all active components within the system which boosts the ergonomic benefits and high workflow automation. This unit can also be purchased in a robotic configuration and can do stitching too, making it great for smaller practices where floor space is at a premium.

All of this means a high patient throughput with the incredible quality of imaging you’d expect from Visaris X ray equipment.

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